Saturday, June 27, 2009

busy week

it's been a busy week, but life has been great! i had my real estate exam tuesday morning and i passed! i'm so thankful to have that behind me now as i was spending every free second i had studying for this thing. now that it's over, i've been enjoying crossing things off "my list" and am in full nesting mode!

i've also had the chance to get back to the sewing machine and work on my new design line Sassy Cakes Designs. i'm SO excited about this as i love designing kids items full of sassiness with great colors and fabrics! my hope is to offer unique boutique gifts and clothing at non-boutique pricing. it's all still a work in progress, but stay tuned for my website launch coming soon.!

in the meantime, here are just a few of the small projects i worked on this week:

monogramming on this one by

i should be getting new patterns in any day now and will have some super-cute girls clothing to share--check back soon!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

top 10 tuesday

some of my randomness for you to enjoy:

1) i'm out and about cruisin' in my boot! thank you lord! now if i could only drive again.

2) i'm so jealous of all my friends who are spending each day this summer working on a lovely tan by the pool. i'm hoping for some good news from the foot doctor this friday and maybe i can get my foot wet soon.

3) potty training is back on. parker is going #1 in the potty rather successfully and he's even keeping his diaper dry at nap an night time again. orange skittles seem to be a great motivator. i think it's funny that he ONLY picks out the orange ones!

4) i just got photoshop elements today and i am EXCITED! BUT...

5) for the record, windows vista REALLY sucks. why can't it just work normally? why does it cause so many problems and why aren't there any fixes??? why can't i get my computer to connect to the internet??? this is really interfering with my social life these days, especially since i'm stuck at home when b's working.

6) parker likes to sing and dance to madagascar--he likes to "move it move it" :-)

7) i'm running out of room, i've got all sorts of body parts poking out my stretched stomach. OFFICIAL NOTICE--the eviction notice is going out in 3 weeks. it would be sooner if i didn't have this metal pin sticking out of my foot (pin to be removed in 2 and a half weeks lord willing!).

8) i can't believe i don't have the nursery painted already. good news, my mother in law is having someone come and paint tne nursery and the boys' bathroom for me YAY!!!

9) i'm taking my real estate exam next tuesday. i pray that i can pass this thing and that my pregnancy brain would somehow function normally again and get the oxygen it needs to remember all this information.

10) aren't you proud that i'm blogging more? i'm trying to do better, but no promises with the next little one on the way. not sure how much time i'll have with two little ones.


Friday, June 12, 2009

35 weeks and counting

today is the day--i've hit the 35 week mark. this is a big milestone thanks to my friend allie who was pregnant with me the first go around. she was my "marker" during that pregnancy as she was SUPPOSED to be due just a month before me, however, kate decided to speed things along and surprise us all 5 weeks early :-) let's just say in all of my first pregnancy paranoia, my bags were packed that night at 30 weeks!

anywho, i can't believe it's here already and this go around i'm just starting the packing process. normally at this point i would be anxious to get this baby out of here, but it's weird this pregnancy--now having a broken foot and waiting for the dreaded pin to be removed (about 3 more weeks to go!), i'm not in such a hurry to have this baby. yes my stomach is huge, bending over is a challenge and feet are constantly up in my ribs all day long, BUT this pin sticking a half inch out of my pinky toe has worked great as a distraction! and do i really want to go through labor with it still in my foot?!?!? it seems as if God has planned this perfectly though like he always does. i've got 5 more weeks to go and assuming i don't pull and allie (love you girl!), i'll get my pin out at 38 weeks and have just enough time to hit the pool and work on a tan (sans boot), get a massage and have beautifully manicured toes all in time for the arrival of my little sweet pea!


"see you later alligator"

another cute thing this little munchkin has started saying--i love it!!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009


well, we are in day 4 post-op and hanging in there. it is really hard on a nesting mama to not be able to be on her feet! i feel like i am constantly asking for EVERYTHING and bless everyone's heart who have had to deal with me! each day gets a little bit better, but all i want is this stinkin' pin out of my foot! not only is the mere thought of a pin in your foot nauseating, but to constantly FEEL it there and be reminded of it is just awful. not to mention i totally hit it the other day which hurt like CRAZY!!!

on a lighter note, parker is becoming more and more toddler everyday, which means more emotions, more independence and more super-cute things that come out of his mouth! lately he'll say "hi buddy" when he sees me and brandon or he'll load up his large dump truck, put on a hat and say "bye! see you later!" and run off pushing his truck. oh and he has to pile ALL of his books in bed with him at nap and bed time! it's so funny to watch him in the baby monitor reading books to himself. i just hope i can recover quickly so i can spend some great time with parker before he has to share me when his brother arrives. i was SO looking forward to spending this summer at the pool with parker every day, but it looks like that's on hold for now :-(


Sunday, June 7, 2009

wow, what a week!

it's been beyond a crazy week needless to say! the craziness began last Sunday when in all of my pregnancy clumsiness i took a bad step walking down the stairs to my garage and fell and broke my foot. the actual fall wasn't all that bad, but as soon as I did it, I heard and felt a "pop" in my foot. all night i tried to convince myself that the "pop" was just the stuff that I dropped and my foot was NOT BROKEN, i mean i'm 34 weeks pregnant i CAN'T have a broken foot!!!! but by the next morning my foot had swollen so bad that it clearly wasn't looking promising. luckily i was able to get in with orthocarolina monday and after seeing the x-rays, there was pretty much no question that my foot was broken. and by broken i mean, full break, bone badly displaced.

i was then referred to see an orthopedic foot surgeon to determine if i needed surgery or not. finding an available foot surgeon in the charlotte area is nearly impossible, and if i did need surgery it needed to happen ASAP before my foot started to heal. luckily i was able to get a specialist appointment on tuesday, but unluckily this doctor wasn't very accomodating to mine or my baby's needs and there was no way i was going to have him perform the surgery he was suggesting. i called orthocarolina and requested another appointment with a different doctor--by the grace of God i was able to get in with a wonderful doctor! after walking through a bunch of scenarios, pros and cons, life with two active boys in the future we determined that it would be best to move forward with the surgery this week.

so we woke up this morning at 4:30am, packed my bags and headed to the hospital. the trip totally reminded us of when we headed to the hospital to deliver parker, except we weren't going to be leaving with a sweet bundle of joy this time. not for another 6 weeks. thankfully the surgery went very well and baby boy did great. the hospital staff was phenomenal in taking care of me and the baby. now i'm just sitting on the couch recovering, typing this post with a bag of frozen peas wrapped around my left foot. i should be pretty mobile in my "boot" in a few days and the pin should be out in 4 weeks just in time for baby to arrive.

thanks to everyone for their prayers, support and encouragement during all of this! and what a blessing to have such great parents and in-laws in town to help out with taking care of me and chasing around parker!

oh and before i go, did i mention that we added a trip to the urgent care for parker in the midst of everything this week? yeah, parker fell and hit the wall corner and split his head open. sooooo, off to the urgent care we went tuesday night and three stitches later we headed back home.

now i'm just waiting to see what this next week brings :-)


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