Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Super Glue and Other Fun Stuff

So this morning as we were just about to head out the door to go to the gym, Parker fell and sustained his first "real" injury. He busted his eyebrow open and honestly it wasn't that bad (i.e. not much blood and the tears went away after a few minutes), but after further inspection the cut did look a little deep so off to the pediatrician's office we went. Luckily Dr. Smoak was able to use the medical super glue and seal that bad boy shut. Sure beats paying the Urgent Care copay for stitches! Since this will be, I'm sure, the first of many injuries to come, here is a photo documenting the incident:

See, not so bad, but it was definitely in need of some doctoring by a professional.

And since I haven't posted in so long, here's a few updates on the rest of us. Brandon's been busy selling houses and there's actually signs that the market may be turning around woohoo!!!!!! I'm about 6 months along with boy #2 and pretty much feel great minus the sciatica back pain I've had for the last few months. Some days I'm as good as new, others I can barely walk. I tend to do better once Brandon has given me a little massage :-) I've been busy "nesting" trying to get the boys' rooms organized. Parker is going to move into a big boy room with big boy furniture and baby #2 (the name's a surprise!) is going to get the hand me downs. Poor little guy. I've also been busy studying up on photography so I can attempt to get some great newborn shots when "little guy" is here. I've been trying to practice some new techniques on Parker, but he is always on the go! I need a subject that doesn't move so I'm going to borrow some friends babies to practice on. Parker's been doing great--still as active as can be, obviously. He's still super sweet and loves to give out kisses, especially when he's in trouble :-) He's also started talking in 2-3 word sentences so we've been having a blast!

And here are some pics of Parker from March:

Here's his new haircut:

Showing off his moves:

Ready for the beach!
Calvin Klein Jeans Ad: