Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Cleaning

i don't know what it is, but i've been super-productive today. i cleaned out the spare bedroom, the garage and put away all of parker's old outgrown clothes. AND i went running! i'm trying to keep up my exercise regimen of 4 days per week. back to the cleaning though--i love being productive. i hate messes and love to be organized, but sometimes i procrastinate just because i don't know how/where to start. i've learned that you just need to get started and it will all work out. of course it has helped having the parents here to help out with entertaining the little munchkin (especially since he had several meltdowns today for some reason) and for an extra set of hands. my dad gets bored easily, so i love it when they come to visit because i have all sorts of "projects" for him to work on around the house. this time it was installing blinds in the formal living room and dining room~thanks dad!

i'm also SUPER excited about my early christmas present--a second fridge for the garage! oh how i have waited for this moment. now i can hit up Sams and stock up on meat, produce, milk, beer for hubs, etc. with the little man, things just seem to get lost in our fridge right now and i'm constantly rearranging to make things fit. thursday--problem solved!

ps--parker's latest cute "thing", blowing kisses, except he's only got the first part down. he successfully puts his hand to his mouth and blows, but the "release" part never happens and eventually he puts his hand up so i can kiss it. i don't care how he does it, my heart melts every time!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

the "naughty" corner

so we've recently implemented the "naughty" corner with parker. this is how it all goes down: parker doesn't listen to me and continues to play with my decorations, throw his dinner on the floor, etc. so we go and put him in the corner on the dog bed (this just happens to be the new spot for the dog bed but it works great as it gives more boundaries to the corner area). his initial reaction is pure drama of course but then parker proceeds to try and ever so sneaky leave the area and laughs every time i try and take a peek at him to make sure he has not left the dog bed. this is where the fun begins. all the while he's giggling hysterically and i'm trying not to laugh and to completely ignore him as i know he's just trying to get my attention afterall. so now my punishment has turned into a game. after what seems like forever (for all of us involved) but is really maybe 60 seconds, i go and stoop down to his eye level (yes I watch supernanny!) and say in my calm, stern, mommy voice why i put him in the corner and about halfway through my "lecture" parker gives me a hug and of course my heart melts and its all over. bottom line, i have no idea just how much he gets with this whole corner thing, but i do think some of it is sinking in. good news is i usually get a good hug out of it!

recap of the weekend, we had our first annual block party. parker got to check out the police car and fire engine and of course constantly kept us on our toes as he would not sit still one minute! this morning we made our now "weekly" trip to the pediatricians office after noticing some suspect spots on parker's arms and legs which seemed to multiply each day. chicken pox? apparently not. instead its either bug bites or some sort of weird virus i can't pronounce and don't need to be worried about which means parker goes to school tomorrow and i go to work :-(

by the way, i neglected to post about our dog bailey and all the fun we had with her last weekend. seriously, between the dogs and the munchkin, SOMETHING is always keeping us on our toes! after puking all last friday night, we decided to take bailey into the animal hospital saturday morning. she went in for xrays and turns out she swallowed a small ball of some sort. $1600 later we have a dog with 30 some staples in her stomach and a half digested golf ball. the fun never ends!


Saturday, September 20, 2008


we've made progress this week on our backyard! for those of you that don't know, we have a decent size backyard, however right now it's not exactly user-friendly. you see we have this gigantic hill just beyond our deck, fondly called "the green monster". up the hill, we have another 70 x 35 feet of woods. the plan is to cut out the hill to gain an additional 70 x 15 feet area and put in a retaining wall with stairs leading to the woods. this is quite the project both money-wise and time-wise. i'm proud to say that step number 1 was completed this week~yay!!! we had to have several very tall trees removed that were either dead or hazardous. these needed to be cut down before we dig out the hill since they were growing where we plan to dig. we weren't too excited about spending so much money to have the trees removed, BUT it turns out that we got to keep the mulch from our trees which ended up being an entire truckload of mulch worht about $600! so now we're working on clearing out the woods and putting the mulch down. it's making the area so much more usable and parker loves exploring the woods! i'm excited because i feel so much more comfortable with him playing in the area since i can see if there are any critters or snakes, etc. one step down, and many more to go. next step~the big dig!


Thursday, September 11, 2008


ok, so i realize i've been a bit MIA, but here's the deal. this week has been INSANE. i've had 3 events for work, all which i was working on down to the wire to get our marketing materials in order. in addition, parker is sick with yet another cold and came down with a double ear infection and 104 fever which meant no daycare this week and of course the now weekly trip to the pediatrician's office! and then yesterday, i started getting a cold as well. needless to say, i'm exhausted and can't wait for the weekend! according to my pediatrician, i should get used to parker being sick now that he's in "school". apparently, i should plan on parker being sick ONCE A MONTH for the next year YIKES! i have no idea how i'm going to manager my work and parker being sick, but i guess i'll figure it out. at first i was wondering how on earth i would use all of my PTO time, but now it's pretty clear. don't get me wrong, i'm not complaining about my job at all. i actually LOVE my job. it is so perfect for me, especially since i typically only work mon-wed, and then i get to be a stay-at-home mom the rest of the week. plus i've been able to meet some incredible people that i never would have the opportunity to meet otherwise! and last night i even had the chance to attend a small event for Pat McCrory at an awesome house! after hearing Pat speak, you need to vote for him--he's fabulous!

hopefully i'll be more regular with my postings next week when i'm not running around like a crazy woman, but in the meantime enjoy some photos i like to call "the lollipop seriers"


Monday, September 1, 2008

Boating Adventures!

this weekend we were invited to go boating with some of our friends from the neighborhood on lake wylie. some of you may not know, but we have been blessed to live just a few miles from a very large lake! parker had a blast both on the boat and in the water! thanks jamie and mason and janna and travis for sharing your boats with us!