Sunday, September 21, 2008

the "naughty" corner

so we've recently implemented the "naughty" corner with parker. this is how it all goes down: parker doesn't listen to me and continues to play with my decorations, throw his dinner on the floor, etc. so we go and put him in the corner on the dog bed (this just happens to be the new spot for the dog bed but it works great as it gives more boundaries to the corner area). his initial reaction is pure drama of course but then parker proceeds to try and ever so sneaky leave the area and laughs every time i try and take a peek at him to make sure he has not left the dog bed. this is where the fun begins. all the while he's giggling hysterically and i'm trying not to laugh and to completely ignore him as i know he's just trying to get my attention afterall. so now my punishment has turned into a game. after what seems like forever (for all of us involved) but is really maybe 60 seconds, i go and stoop down to his eye level (yes I watch supernanny!) and say in my calm, stern, mommy voice why i put him in the corner and about halfway through my "lecture" parker gives me a hug and of course my heart melts and its all over. bottom line, i have no idea just how much he gets with this whole corner thing, but i do think some of it is sinking in. good news is i usually get a good hug out of it!

recap of the weekend, we had our first annual block party. parker got to check out the police car and fire engine and of course constantly kept us on our toes as he would not sit still one minute! this morning we made our now "weekly" trip to the pediatricians office after noticing some suspect spots on parker's arms and legs which seemed to multiply each day. chicken pox? apparently not. instead its either bug bites or some sort of weird virus i can't pronounce and don't need to be worried about which means parker goes to school tomorrow and i go to work :-(

by the way, i neglected to post about our dog bailey and all the fun we had with her last weekend. seriously, between the dogs and the munchkin, SOMETHING is always keeping us on our toes! after puking all last friday night, we decided to take bailey into the animal hospital saturday morning. she went in for xrays and turns out she swallowed a small ball of some sort. $1600 later we have a dog with 30 some staples in her stomach and a half digested golf ball. the fun never ends!



Jeanette said...

So sorry Parker has been sick and you've been so busy! Maybe the bug bites are from sitting in the dog bed? Not that the dogs have fleas but it could be from that? Just a thought. Hope they go away soon and don't bother him too much!