Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Catching Up!

i have no idea where to even begin. as you can see i've been quite the SLACKER! Now that i've joined the ranks of the unemployed and am lovin' every minute of being a stay at home mommy, i've really got no excuse!

first things first, i am happy to publicly post that i am pregnant again AND i've just hit the honeymoom period of every pregnancy "the second trimester". i still require naps here and there, but the morning sickness is GONE. this time around it was quite awful and knocked me off my feet for a good 7 weeks!

second, Thanksgiving was fabulous with a trip to blowing rock with the family. we cut down our 10 foot Christmas tree, strapped it on the Acadia and headed home before we left the mountains. Christmas was a blast as well, with my parents coming into town and Parker enjoying his actual presents this year, more than the paper and boxes. all in all, the holidays were great and we are blessed!

on the horizon for 2009, i am busy nesting like a crazy woman in preparation for number 2--due july. my house WILL BE super organized by then! i've also started studying photography more and have been learning some new stuff on my camera, so stay tuned for some photog posts. i need to get back into the sewing groove as well as i've got some super-cute items i want to make.

update on the little guy, parker's doing great. he has literally EXPLODED with words. he learns multiple new words every day and speaks in sentences, although i usually have no idea what he is saying. he enjoys going to gymboree every week where he can run around, tumble, climd and slide. i am counting down the days until spring will be here! although i am thankful for the dusting of snow we got today--it is a rarity here in charlotte!

hopefully i will do better posting more regularly this year--it's one of my goals, so we'll see how well i do. take care.