Thursday, November 20, 2008

18 Months

my little boy turned 18 months this week. as i visited a friend in the hospital after having her baby girl tuesday, it seemed like just yesterday i was there meeting parker for the first time. the memories of the day are some of my most cherished treasures. parker was so quiet and still those first few days in the hospital. little did i know that it wouldn't be before long when he would use his sweet little face to manipulate getting something that he wanted.

today parker is all boy. he LOVES exploring, trying new things, problem solving, climbing, jumping, and his mommy :-) up until now, parker's been pretty split between favoring both me and brandon, but lately, he tends to want me ALL THE TIME.

here are some things parker can do now:

~wipe his nose/face
~flush the toilet, over and over again!
~put toilet paper and other select items in the toilet
~Jump in place and spin in cirlces
~kick a ball
~ say mommy, daddy, juice, dog, kitty, no, shoes, potty, cheese, milk, whoa, ball, bye-bye, hi, and his FAVORITE mine
~squeals when you take something away from him that he wants
~puts his hand on his bottom when he needs his diaper changed
~follows directions--sits in chair to get shoes on, lays on floor to get diaper changed, puts things away when asked
~runs away when he has something he's not allowed to have
~ and my absolute favorite--puckers up and gives the best kisses and hugs. he truly has a sensitive loving heart and i just pray he stays that way

thank you God for giving me the greatest blessing in the world!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

weekend recap thus far

this weekend has been fabulous! first, i didn't have to work thursday or friday (i'm not normally supposed to anyway but it's been a bit crazy at work lately) so i was able to begin some new projects.

project #1 = painting the master bedroom chocolate, status = one wall down :-(

project #2 = learning to sew, status = 2 completed projects!

project #3 = date night with hubby, status = harpers, shopping at south park, ice cream and free babysitters TOTAL SUCCESS!!!!

i'm so excited about this sewing stuff. my parents have been in town and my mom has taught me some basics. i was able to accomplish a pair of pajama pants and a new blankie for parker. my next project is this super cute boutique-ish bib and then I should be able to master what i've been dying to make--this uber cute boutique outfit. now i just need a little girl to make it for!

updates on the little man--parker's been doing great. he's become quite a little helper as he likes to imitate a lot. he'll put things away on his little shelf. he'll wipe his face, nose as well as the table, floor, etc. he talks in many complete sentences i just wish i could translate. no clue what he is saying, but he really is saying something! and this boy has a lot to say! he's been great at following directions too like go get your shoes on, or go wash your hands. i recently bought parker his very own potty. i realize we're still a little ways off from beginning any official potty training, but i wanted to get him something so he could be familiar with it, plus he LOVES the elmo potty training video and i think he's really started to make the connection. the other day i asked him if he needed to "make stinkys" and he went and sat on his potty (pants and diapers on of course) and then took some tp and pretended to wipe himself. not too shabby since i certainly haven't taught him that!

that's all for now, i'm going to cuddle up, read a good book, and go to bed!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

happy halloween!

happy halloween! this is parker's 2nd halloween and again we celebrated by going to the neighborhood halloween parade. this year there were A LOT more kids. at first parker was a little overwhelmed and just stood there and stared at all the excitement, then he was on the move exploring everything. he even went to the apple cider table and attempted to help himself to a cup, which of course ended up all over his costume. anyway, enjoy some pics of this little monkey!

halloween "day" outfit--check out the Vans!

little monkey!

heading to the parade!

checking out my goody bag with lawson

up to some monkey business

me and neighbor cammy

mommy's sweet little monkey!