Sunday, June 13, 2010

i've moved!

hey all! miss me? i've been moving.......both my photography website/blog and this blog these past few weeks! i have worked hours upon hours getting things set up and it's still not done yet grrrrrrr. BUT i do have all sites up and functioning, sort of :) here are the links:

my new blog:

my new photography website:

my new photography blog:

check them out and please give me a little grace these next few weeks as i get it all finalized!

hope your weekend has been as wonderful as mine!


Thursday, June 3, 2010

pk’s new bedding….

i love his new bedding…..a birthday present from grandmama :)

 parkers 3rd birthday-212-2

parkers 3rd birthday-213-2

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

the MWC (mom with camera) tells all…your photography questions answered

mwc button-900

i get asked photography questions all the time, so i thought it might be helpful to do a post about it and have a place to send people to for answers! here are some of the questions i get most often, but feel free to leave a comment with any i don’t address and check back frequently here and at my photography blog as i answer questions on a regular basis. {please pardon my website as it is currently under construction}

what kind of camera/lens do you have?

i currently shoot with a canon 7d. i am a canon girl only because that’s just what i started out with. i hear great things about nikon all the time, but i also hear that canon and nikon are pretty much the same only canon can be slightly cheaper and you can get some lenses that nikon does not make. i’m sure that’s debatable on both sides, but whatever, i heart canon only because that’s how i was born and raised :)

what is your favorite lens?

this is tough as it depends on the circumstances….i LOVE my canon 85mm 1.8. this lens creates some amazing images that are super sharp and crispy with beautiful color.  i also have a 24-70mm 2.8 which i love to use when i’m tight on space or if i need to “zoom” without physically moving and for my wide angle shots. LOVE both of these lenses!

i’m looking to buy a new camera, which type of camera should i buy?

if you are ready to take the plunge into the SLR {single lens reflex} world, i would recommend starting out with a canon rebel. purchase the BODY ONLY as the “kit” lenses typically are nothing spectacular and use the money you saved to buy this lens {canon 50mm 1.8}. this lens is A STEAL for about $99. you will love how this lens gives you “the magic” or bokeh in photography speak. it produces some crispy images where your subject just pops….you will love it! what you won’t like about it at first is that it has no “zoom”. YOU are the zoom and once you get used to having a fixed lens, it’s no big deal at all and a great workout ;)

how can i take better pictures of my kids?

the single best thing you can do is to get out of “the green box” aka automatic mode. learn how to shoot in manual mode and your pictures will instantly improve tremendously. i know it is both intimidating and overwhelming all at once to go full manual, but this is necessary to really get some great images. there are TONS of great books, blogs, online classes, forums etc. to help you learn how to do this. if you are in the charlotte north carolina or maryland/DC/virginia areas, i teach a Moms Photography Class {I have Dads take this too :)}. my june 6th class is full, but i plan to host another one in late july/august so please email me at if you are interested. i limit the number of students and spots tend to fill up quickly.

if you are not in those areas, i recommend sharon’s online class…go to her blog and search “SPA”.

ok shutterbugs….that’s all for today, but check back soon as i’ll be doing posts like these several times a month!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

parker’s 3rd birthday party

we had a great memorial day weekend celebrating parker’s 3rd birthday. we always have his party this weekend so that family can be in town to celebrate!

parker with his grandmama

parkers 3rd birthday-210

somehow i never seem to get a pic of the boys with my parents..must work on this!

this year we really just had a small party. it’s SO HARD when they start preschool and you get involved with so many groups because you just want to be able to invite everyone, but since the festivities were are my house this year, i decided to limit the invites to just family and a few close friends.

parkers 3rd birthday-211

we went with a thomas the train theme for this year since parker is obsessed with trains (and also spiderman but i just wasn’t ready for a superhero party yet!). he also got to ride thomas the train when we were in maryland a few weeks ago as part of his present from grandmommy and grandpa.

parkers 3rd birthday-211-2

he couldn’t wait to open his presents!

parkers 3rd birthday-214 parkers 3rd birthday-209 parkers 3rd birthday-213

here is our egg free cupcake tree :)

parkers 3rd birthday-210-2 parkers 3rd birthday-209-2

parker had a blast playing with his new presents with his friends landon and tanner. kate and elle (his other besties) were sick so they couldn’t make it :(

blowing out the candles:

parkers 3rd birthday-217    parkers 3rd birthday-216

at the end we did water balloons outside where the boys LOVED throwing them on the ground and breaking them—total boys :) that was the best dollar i have ever spent at target HA!

parkers 3rd birthday-230 parkers 3rd birthday-219 parkers 3rd birthday-220 parkers 3rd birthday-221 parkers 3rd birthday-222  parkers 3rd birthday-224 parkers 3rd birthday-225 parkers 3rd birthday-226 parkers 3rd birthday-227 parkers 3rd birthday-228 parkers 3rd birthday-229

parker had a blast and that’s all that matters!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


i boo-hoo’d my eyes out this morning after receiving this special gift from parker’s teachers:

parker last day of school-1

it’s a photobook filled with photos from the school year and little pages with prayers, growth charts and a little poem from his teachers. my eyes are filling with tears AGAIN just typing this.

parker last day of school-2

i am SOOOOO going to miss his teachers next year….they truly have such a special place in my heat!

parker is 3….how am i ever going to survive his very last day of preschool, then elementary school, middle school and high school graduation!!!!!!

of course i look to the future with excitement, but oh does my heart ache to see this sweet little boy grow up.

may 2010-505

Monday, May 24, 2010

meal plan monday

so i caved this week and forced myself to actually meal plan and make a grocery list. i don't know why in the world i avoid doing this so much because in reality, it only takes a few minutes and it makes my life SO MUCH EASIER!!!!!

i even almost enjoyed grocery shopping yesterday! yes my friends, you heard me right, i could not believe how quickly and efficiently i made it through the store and what a relief it is to feel armed and prepared for a week of meals.

seriously, why do i torture myself each week and waste so much time running to the store to buy 3 items for dinner that one night?

enough of my rambling.....without further ado, our meal plan for the week:


Breakfast--eggs, spinach and goat cheese (and no we did NOT have it this morning as i planned, but that is ok we will do it tomorrow!)

Lunch--fall harvest sandwich (bread, honey mustard, ham, cheddar cheese and granny smith apple slices)

Dinner--Salmon, cous cous (the new "pearled" cous cous by Far East is SO GOOD) and veggies


Breakfast--yogurt with granola

Lunch--organic mac n cheese, stoneyfield farms yogurt stick and grapes

Dinner--burgers, pasta salad, sweet potato french fries


Breakfast--eggs, spinach and goat cheese

Lunch--fall harvest sandwich (bread, honey mustard, ham, cheddar cheese and granny smith apple slices)

Dinner--spaghetti, bread, dipping oil, salad


Breakfast--yogurt with granola

Lunch--organic mac n cheese, stoneyfield farms yogurt stick and grapes



Breakfast--cereal and toast (with flaxseed oil)

Lunch--grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches



Breakfast--eggs, spinach and goat cheese


Dinner--slow cooked pork tenderloin burritos with fresh salsa

ok, i'm off to edit a bazillion pictures from shoots this weekend. and more to come, but i've changed my photography business name to Southern Sass Photography, so stay tuned for more info!

have a great week!


Friday, May 21, 2010

quick and easy lunch

one of my friends, heather (who i really really think should start her own blog because she is full of humor and good ideas), shared this super easy recipe with me the other day and we tried it out this week!

easy+yummy+semi healthy = i must share!

it’s like a pizza only you use tortilla for the “crust”……so i’m not sure what to call it :)

here’s what you need though:


garlic salt

tortillas (we used whole wheat)

olive oil

tomato sauce

mozzarella cheese (we used fresh and it is SO good!)

this is where is gets REALLY tricky :)

step 1: brush the tortillas with olive oil and sprinkle garlic salt

step 2: bake coated tortillas for 5 minutes on 400 degrees until they become crispy

step 3: spread with tomato sauce and cover with mozzarella cheese.

step 4: bake for another 3-5 minutes at 350 until cheese melts

voila! parker has eaten this TWO days in a row… know it must be good!


Monday, May 17, 2010

i have a 3 year old….parker we love you so much!

may 2010-502

dear parker,

three years ago today i had no idea how much my life would change when i first met you. your birthday is bittersweet……it’s so exciting to be celebrating your life and the blessing that you are, but it’s hard to let go of you a little more each year.

may 2010-503 

you are becoming quite the little man. you look older, you are SO smart and thoughtful and you constantly amaze me with what you come up with next! you are silly, fun and full of life! you love school, your teachers, life group, church and your little brother! you are so thoughtful and caring toward connor.

may 2010-515

you love spending time with friends and have started asking to go to friend’s houses. kate c. is still your bestie and we just love watching you two play together.

today you had the best birthday! daddy and i surprised you with balloons and a bike outside your door when you woke up this morning. you were so excited! you also got a real kids camera and a cash register that you really wanted. i made blue and red cupcakes for you to take to school and you got your birthday crown. miss rhonda and miss cindy said you had a GREAT day! you were so happy it was finally your turn for a birthday celebration!

may 2010-508 may 2010-506 may 2010-518 may 2010-519 may 2010-603

all of the excitement kept you from napping and when connor woke up, we headed to the JumpE place where you just had a blast! landon and tanner and kate and elle met us there……you had SO MUCH fun! afterward we went with kate and elle to fuel pizza where you and kate just continued to play and play! you passed out on the way home and went straight to bed.

parker, thank you for the joy you bring to our lives each and every day. we love you so much and feel so blessed to be your parents!


mommy and daddy (or mom and dad which you now call us!)


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