Monday, May 17, 2010

i have a 3 year old….parker we love you so much!

may 2010-502

dear parker,

three years ago today i had no idea how much my life would change when i first met you. your birthday is bittersweet……it’s so exciting to be celebrating your life and the blessing that you are, but it’s hard to let go of you a little more each year.

may 2010-503 

you are becoming quite the little man. you look older, you are SO smart and thoughtful and you constantly amaze me with what you come up with next! you are silly, fun and full of life! you love school, your teachers, life group, church and your little brother! you are so thoughtful and caring toward connor.

may 2010-515

you love spending time with friends and have started asking to go to friend’s houses. kate c. is still your bestie and we just love watching you two play together.

today you had the best birthday! daddy and i surprised you with balloons and a bike outside your door when you woke up this morning. you were so excited! you also got a real kids camera and a cash register that you really wanted. i made blue and red cupcakes for you to take to school and you got your birthday crown. miss rhonda and miss cindy said you had a GREAT day! you were so happy it was finally your turn for a birthday celebration!

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all of the excitement kept you from napping and when connor woke up, we headed to the JumpE place where you just had a blast! landon and tanner and kate and elle met us there……you had SO MUCH fun! afterward we went with kate and elle to fuel pizza where you and kate just continued to play and play! you passed out on the way home and went straight to bed.

parker, thank you for the joy you bring to our lives each and every day. we love you so much and feel so blessed to be your parents!


mommy and daddy (or mom and dad which you now call us!)


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