Sunday, May 16, 2010

connor’s 9 and 10 month post!

my sweet little connor, you turned 10 months this week!

  family may 2010-10 family may 2010-2 

you are all over the place these days. you’re a fast crawler and you’ve started cruising. sometimes you even stand all by yourself! you will take a few steps when we hold your hands and you think it’s funny!

at 9 months you weighed 17 pounds 11 ounces (10-25%) and were 27.75 inches tall (50%). this week i took you to the doctor to check on your ears (you had had an ear infection a few weeks ago and i wasn’t sure if it was back….just teething though), you weighed 18 pounds 6 ounces.

you are so much fun to be around. these past two months you traveled to hilton head and to maryland for jen’s wedding. you do NOT like riding in the car (we learned this on our way to hilton head when you screamed 80% of the time). for our maryland trip, we were more prepared with baby einstein videos :) you LOVE “baby macdonald”. when the hand puppet cow comes out, you squeal with delight. it is so fun to hear you get SO excited! you also love the bouncy tigger and try to mimic tigger. it’s really cute!

here you are at jen’s wedding, you had a blast pushing the stroller around:

family may 2010-5

jen’s wedding was at her dad’s gorgeous house on the water….we all enjoyed a gorgeous sunset!

family may 2010-9

you’ve learned how to clap your hands and you say mama and dada, although it’s mostly mama since you are definitely a momma’s boy!

you love to wrestle with your big brother and watch his every move. you two also like to play “chase”. parker loves to make sure you are taken care of.

you’ve got 6 teeth with numbers 7 and 8 breaking through. you are not a good teether……you get really fussy right before they break through. AND you are a biter! not in a mean way, it’s actually kind of funny because you get all excited when you see me and come truckin’ on over and you bite out of excitement!

connor we love you so much more than you can imagine!

**i took your “chair” pic that i do every month, but you insisted on SCREAMING during the photo shoot because i wouldn’t pic you up so i’m going to work on getting one this week when you are actually smiling :)**

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