Tuesday, June 1, 2010

parker’s 3rd birthday party

we had a great memorial day weekend celebrating parker’s 3rd birthday. we always have his party this weekend so that family can be in town to celebrate!

parker with his grandmama

parkers 3rd birthday-210

somehow i never seem to get a pic of the boys with my parents..must work on this!

this year we really just had a small party. it’s SO HARD when they start preschool and you get involved with so many groups because you just want to be able to invite everyone, but since the festivities were are my house this year, i decided to limit the invites to just family and a few close friends.

parkers 3rd birthday-211

we went with a thomas the train theme for this year since parker is obsessed with trains (and also spiderman but i just wasn’t ready for a superhero party yet!). he also got to ride thomas the train when we were in maryland a few weeks ago as part of his present from grandmommy and grandpa.

parkers 3rd birthday-211-2

he couldn’t wait to open his presents!

parkers 3rd birthday-214 parkers 3rd birthday-209 parkers 3rd birthday-213

here is our egg free cupcake tree :)

parkers 3rd birthday-210-2 parkers 3rd birthday-209-2

parker had a blast playing with his new presents with his friends landon and tanner. kate and elle (his other besties) were sick so they couldn’t make it :(

blowing out the candles:

parkers 3rd birthday-217    parkers 3rd birthday-216

at the end we did water balloons outside where the boys LOVED throwing them on the ground and breaking them—total boys :) that was the best dollar i have ever spent at target HA!

parkers 3rd birthday-230 parkers 3rd birthday-219 parkers 3rd birthday-220 parkers 3rd birthday-221 parkers 3rd birthday-222  parkers 3rd birthday-224 parkers 3rd birthday-225 parkers 3rd birthday-226 parkers 3rd birthday-227 parkers 3rd birthday-228 parkers 3rd birthday-229

parker had a blast and that’s all that matters!

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