Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Cleaning

i don't know what it is, but i've been super-productive today. i cleaned out the spare bedroom, the garage and put away all of parker's old outgrown clothes. AND i went running! i'm trying to keep up my exercise regimen of 4 days per week. back to the cleaning though--i love being productive. i hate messes and love to be organized, but sometimes i procrastinate just because i don't know how/where to start. i've learned that you just need to get started and it will all work out. of course it has helped having the parents here to help out with entertaining the little munchkin (especially since he had several meltdowns today for some reason) and for an extra set of hands. my dad gets bored easily, so i love it when they come to visit because i have all sorts of "projects" for him to work on around the house. this time it was installing blinds in the formal living room and dining room~thanks dad!

i'm also SUPER excited about my early christmas present--a second fridge for the garage! oh how i have waited for this moment. now i can hit up Sams and stock up on meat, produce, milk, beer for hubs, etc. with the little man, things just seem to get lost in our fridge right now and i'm constantly rearranging to make things fit. thursday--problem solved!

ps--parker's latest cute "thing", blowing kisses, except he's only got the first part down. he successfully puts his hand to his mouth and blows, but the "release" part never happens and eventually he puts his hand up so i can kiss it. i don't care how he does it, my heart melts every time!



Jeanette said...

congrats on the new fridge! Jeff's parents brought down a used freezer for our garage which has helped a lot! Who cares if part of it is held together by duck least now i have space in my regular freezer!

Great job on being productive...and I agree, having extra people to entertain the kids is such a huge help!