Friday, June 12, 2009

35 weeks and counting

today is the day--i've hit the 35 week mark. this is a big milestone thanks to my friend allie who was pregnant with me the first go around. she was my "marker" during that pregnancy as she was SUPPOSED to be due just a month before me, however, kate decided to speed things along and surprise us all 5 weeks early :-) let's just say in all of my first pregnancy paranoia, my bags were packed that night at 30 weeks!

anywho, i can't believe it's here already and this go around i'm just starting the packing process. normally at this point i would be anxious to get this baby out of here, but it's weird this pregnancy--now having a broken foot and waiting for the dreaded pin to be removed (about 3 more weeks to go!), i'm not in such a hurry to have this baby. yes my stomach is huge, bending over is a challenge and feet are constantly up in my ribs all day long, BUT this pin sticking a half inch out of my pinky toe has worked great as a distraction! and do i really want to go through labor with it still in my foot?!?!? it seems as if God has planned this perfectly though like he always does. i've got 5 more weeks to go and assuming i don't pull and allie (love you girl!), i'll get my pin out at 38 weeks and have just enough time to hit the pool and work on a tan (sans boot), get a massage and have beautifully manicured toes all in time for the arrival of my little sweet pea!