Tuesday, June 16, 2009

top 10 tuesday

some of my randomness for you to enjoy:

1) i'm out and about cruisin' in my boot! thank you lord! now if i could only drive again.

2) i'm so jealous of all my friends who are spending each day this summer working on a lovely tan by the pool. i'm hoping for some good news from the foot doctor this friday and maybe i can get my foot wet soon.

3) potty training is back on. parker is going #1 in the potty rather successfully and he's even keeping his diaper dry at nap an night time again. orange skittles seem to be a great motivator. i think it's funny that he ONLY picks out the orange ones!

4) i just got photoshop elements today and i am EXCITED! BUT...

5) for the record, windows vista REALLY sucks. why can't it just work normally? why does it cause so many problems and why aren't there any fixes??? why can't i get my computer to connect to the internet??? this is really interfering with my social life these days, especially since i'm stuck at home when b's working.

6) parker likes to sing and dance to madagascar--he likes to "move it move it" :-)

7) i'm running out of room, i've got all sorts of body parts poking out my stretched stomach. OFFICIAL NOTICE--the eviction notice is going out in 3 weeks. it would be sooner if i didn't have this metal pin sticking out of my foot (pin to be removed in 2 and a half weeks lord willing!).

8) i can't believe i don't have the nursery painted already. good news, my mother in law is having someone come and paint tne nursery and the boys' bathroom for me YAY!!!

9) i'm taking my real estate exam next tuesday. i pray that i can pass this thing and that my pregnancy brain would somehow function normally again and get the oxygen it needs to remember all this information.

10) aren't you proud that i'm blogging more? i'm trying to do better, but no promises with the next little one on the way. not sure how much time i'll have with two little ones.