Wednesday, June 10, 2009


well, we are in day 4 post-op and hanging in there. it is really hard on a nesting mama to not be able to be on her feet! i feel like i am constantly asking for EVERYTHING and bless everyone's heart who have had to deal with me! each day gets a little bit better, but all i want is this stinkin' pin out of my foot! not only is the mere thought of a pin in your foot nauseating, but to constantly FEEL it there and be reminded of it is just awful. not to mention i totally hit it the other day which hurt like CRAZY!!!

on a lighter note, parker is becoming more and more toddler everyday, which means more emotions, more independence and more super-cute things that come out of his mouth! lately he'll say "hi buddy" when he sees me and brandon or he'll load up his large dump truck, put on a hat and say "bye! see you later!" and run off pushing his truck. oh and he has to pile ALL of his books in bed with him at nap and bed time! it's so funny to watch him in the baby monitor reading books to himself. i just hope i can recover quickly so i can spend some great time with parker before he has to share me when his brother arrives. i was SO looking forward to spending this summer at the pool with parker every day, but it looks like that's on hold for now :-(