Thursday, April 1, 2010

In Case You Were Wondering……

where I was, we’ve been on vacation in Hilton Head. SO sad to leave today, but I love my house, neighbors, friends, etc and am glad to be home sweet home.

Despite having two large CRAZY protective dogs, a well rigged alarm system and a house sitter, I still didn’t want to advertise that we were going to be out of town, my apologies. And how on earth could I blog and not spill the beans???

But we just got back, I’m working on digging out all the dirty laundry and unpacking and getting settled back in.

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow playing catch up, meeting up with a friend, editing some FABULOUS pictures from a shoot before I left town and girls night with several of my besties!

Of course I have a GAZILLION pictures I took from our trip and I’m dying to upload them, edit them and post them all. Alas, they will have to wait probably until this weekend…..

Stay tuned for lots of pics and a full recap of our time in Hilton Head. I think this is my new favorite place to go!

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