Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Alive!

Today it is GORGEOUS here in Charlotte. For some reason it always seems like it’s cold and rainy on Easter, but not this year!

I was SO tired this morning, but we made it up early, went downstairs to check out what the Easter Bunny brought the boys (can you tell what Parker’s latest obsession is???)….


Got everyone dressed up in their Easter outfits and made it to church just a few minutes late. I originally wanted to take pictures before we went to church, but it just didn’t happen and I did not want to be any later than we already were.

We had a great sermon….I just love our church and I’m SO excited that we are connected with a new life group closer to home. After church I snuck in a few pics of the boys outside…..

Easter_2010_3790_edited-1 Easter_2010_3773_edited-1 Easter_2010_3778_edited-1

And Brandon took some of me and my baby on his first Easter!



We didn’t do Easter brunch just because it’s really challenging with an almost 3 year who is allergic to eggs, so instead we did what we do best……ordered mexican! And it was SO GOOD!!!

While we were waiting for the restaurant to open, we took Parker down to the water and I took these pics from the car (Connor was napping so I stayed with him)

Easter_2010_3817_edited-1 Easter_2010_3811_edited-1

After lunch, we went on an Easter egg hunt in our backyard….Parker LOVED it!

Easter_2010_3836_edited-1 Easter_2010_3834_edited-1

Happy Easter!


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