Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Little 8 Month Old!


Dear Connor,

This post is late but you are 8 months old and growing and developing so fast. Here’s what’s been going on this last month:

~You are an expert crawler and especially like to play with anything that resembles a cord or string….you laugh when I tell you “No No”.

~You just learned how to pull yourself up into the standing position and now you do it ALL THE TIME! Sometimes you get stuck up there and you’ll just hang out standing, happy to see everything from a new perspective.

~You giggle hysterically when I brush your teeth and you also think it’s funny when I sing the “The Wheels on the Bus” verse where the mommy’s play peek-a-boo…you just LOVE that part!


~Each night I sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Start” and “Jesus Loves Me” and you just smile

~You have figured out how to imitate your brother and you will both yell back and forth to each other.

~You’ve been spoiled since you’ve had an ear infection and your FOUR top teeth are coming in……you wake up every night at 3:30ish and I of course feed you.

~You have so much hair that it makes you look older…..I don’t like this and I may just have to get it cut…..just a little :)

~You are still in size 3 diapers, where 9-12 months clothes and weigh about 18 pounds. You still spit up, but only a few times a day!

~You are always on the go, you hate to be strapped in anywhere and diaper changes are quite the process, you and I both dread them these days!

Connor you are so much fun and we just all love you to pieces, especially Parker. You and Parker are already best buds!




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