Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Funday

We’ve got a lot going on today…..first we hit up church and of course we were late as usual. I just don’t know how it is possible to make it to church on time with two little ones. We did make it to church early ONE time, but of course we realized in the church parking lot that we totally forgot Parker’s shoes and had to run to a nearby Target to buy him a pair last minute, therefore we actually ended up being late!

When we got back from church, I decided it would be fun to put both boys in the bathtub together for the first time now that Connor is sitting up well. They had fun playing together!

IMG_9360_edited-1IMG_9319_edited-1  IMG_9331_edited-1

Tonight, we had our annual Super Bowl plans with our friends the Cramers, and I decided to make guacamole and of course I also needed to bring an egg free treat for Parker (he’s allergic to eggs) so I decided on these cuties:


And because I said I would last week, I will post my guacamole recipe tomorrow with Meal Plan Mondays so be sure to check in!!!

Back to our party, since my friend Allie keeps having girls and I keep having boys, Allie and I have decided to make it EASIER on everyone and just arrange marriages for our kids. So when Parker found a plastic ring in the toy basket tonight, he proposed to Kate:


There were kids everywhere and it is SO HARD to take a two year old’s picture, so you only get to see Parker’s hand, BUT isn’t Kate adorable? She can be my daughter in love any day :-)

She was so excited that she got on the phone to call and tell all her friends!


The hug goodbye…..hugs only until the wedding night in 18 years at least!


Well,  I’m off to bed. I’ve got a busy morning getting supplies for some upcoming projects for Sassy Cakes!

What did YOU do for the Super Bowl?


Jeanette said...

Congratulations Parker and Kate. I expect to be invited to the wedding!

We had a low key super bowl party, we did the same thing we do every year with just Jeff and the boys and now miss SB! Each person got to pick their favorite super bowl food and we all watched the first half together (well SB went to bed at 7). I put the boys to bed and Christopher said he would be the ONLY 5th grader not to watch the entire game so even though it was a school night, I let him sneak downstairs, cuddle up with dad and watch the rest of the game. yeah, I'm an awesome mom!

Glad ya'll had fun!