Saturday, February 6, 2010

two things i love right now….

this past week we finally worked on decorating the boys walls in their rooms! i have no idea why it has taken so long and we’ve still got some more decorating to do, but we have a GREAT start with these decals i ordered from home sweet walls on etsy!

IMG_9129_edited-1 IMG_9121_edited-1

i thought they turned out great and they were an inexpensive way to dress up the room. what i really liked was how the finish makes the decals look hand painted! totally recommend home sweet walls and plan to order another monogram for our master bedroom—can you tell i’m a little obsessed with monograms!

the other thing my type A, OCD personality is thanking me for is my “motivated moms planner” from motivated moms. this planner has REALLY helped me keep my house organized and clean by giving me just a few tasks to focus on each day. i LOVE how it reminds me to do those things that you don’t do on a regular basis and seem to forget about (ie wash shower curtains, change filters, work on scrapbook, etc). for me this completely helps me reduce my stress load since motivated moms makes it so i don’t have to try and remember EVERYTHING! oh, i almost forgot…the planner is VERY inexpensive and beyond worth it!

go and check it out for yourself—they’ve got sample pages on their website.

what are some things you are loving right now???


Jeanette said...

the wall monograms are awesome!!!