Monday, February 8, 2010

Guacamole and Meal Plan Monday

I LaHUV, guacamole! And about two years ago I learned from my mother in love how to make it and over time I have tweaked it into my own recipe.

Here’s how I make my guacamole and I’ve been told it’s pretty good:


~Two Ripe Avocados—dark, forest green and has just enough “give” when you squeeze. If you can feel the skin separating, they are too ripe and will be brown.

~Kosher Salt

~Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice from 1 Lime

~Garlic—I like a lot of garlic and will use 2-3 good sized cloves

~Optional—diced white onion and ripe roma tomatoes

Simply smash avocado with a fork (I prefer mine a little chunky) and mix in all ingredients. I typically add salt last and add enough until it meets my standards!

And here’s our meal plan for the week—not sure on the order yet since I haven’t made it grocery shopping!

Chicken Enchiladas

Salmon with zucchini and couscous

Shrimp Orzo Pasta

Rotisserie Chicken Caesar Salads

Eat Out!

I have been having MAJOR mom guilt lately because my two year old will only eat yogurt, Mac N Cheese, PBJ and chicken nuggets. I try and make him all of these fun dishes that are really healthy but he won’t touch them! How long will this phase last??? Any suggestions?


Jeanette said...

Parker will eventually grow out of that stage and begin to experiment with new foods. Remember little kids have very sensitive taste buds so something that is delicious and savory to us may be too overpowering for his palate. All the foods you mentioned that he eats are pretty bland, that's why he likes them. As he gets older, he will come to like a wider variety of food. For now, I would just let him eat what he likes and not worry about it! You are a great mamma! No need to feel any guilt! By the way, SB does not like any foods with complex or muliple flavors so we stick with very plain things for her. I vowed to never make a seperate meal for just one member of the family (unless of course there was a food allergy issue) so I make sure to include something in the meal that I know she likes as well as something the rest of us eats.

These Are The Days said...

Thanks for the simple recipe. I have 2 ripe avacados that I need to do something with.

Nicole said...

Just found your blog and have enjoyed reading! :)
As a fellow guacamole lover, I'm definitely gonna have to try this recipe - yum!