Monday, January 25, 2010

meal plan mondays

here's what were are PROBABLY going to be eating this week......things always come up BUT at least we will be prepared to eat the following!

breakfast~kashi-type cheerios, organic flax seed waffles, yogurt and granola

lunch~chicken alphabet soup (with sneaky cauliflower!)--i'm not sure how copyrights work with recipes, but it's from "Deceptively Delicious" which you can purchase HERE.

highly recommend this book for your munchkins!

other lunches this week include the standard issues of PBJ and spaghetti o's (organic).


monday--quesadillas (i use rotisserie chicken from costco--so easy and NO hormones!)
tuesday--tomato bisque soup and grilled cheese. tomato bisque recipe is from HERE.
thursday--salmon and zucchini with parmesean (zucchini recipe is from this cookbook):

friday: burritos made with pork tenderloin in the slow cooker and yummy quacamole! i'll have to share my quacamole recipe in another post--it is SO good! and YES we still have not had burritos--i think it's been on the menu now for like 3 weeks!

saturday--leftovers/pizza and salads

dessert--chocolate chip scones (you can get recipe HERE.)

fruit juice shapes--recipe also from Ina's cookbook above!
what are you eating this week???