Wednesday, January 27, 2010

works for me wednesday!


as i was attempting to catch up on reading my blogs today, i came across this fun “works for me wednesday” (WFMW)post from “we are THAT family” blog. since i tend to be “THAT” mom quite a bit, i find peace and comfort reading her posts HA! and we all know i have WAY too many words for wordless wednesdays!

this week’s “WFMW” are just random tips that save you time, money, stress, etc.

my WFMW tip has to do with cooking. i’m not a really big cook, but i like to do organic, healthy, non processed meals 95% of the time. and since my one son is allergic to eggs, we don’t eat out often.

i often dread the cooking part, BUT one thing that REALLY helps me is to buy a pre-cooked rotisserie chicken from costco each week. i always get nervous about cooking chicken since i tend to fear salmonella poisoning with an OCD-like compulsion. so for $5 or so, you can get a freshly cooked chicken from chickens not raised on added hormones—i love it! we use rotisserie chicken to make quesadillas, salads, plain with goat cheese, bbq sandwiches, you name it! for me, it TOTALLY takes the stress out of cooking AND it’s healthy!

i haven’t finished reading all the links yet, but go check them out here and leave me a comment about which one is your favorite!

on a completely separate note, last night i got to spend a few hours with my good friend jeanette (one reason why no blog post, the other was that nugget #2 did not nap yesterday!) and we had so much fun talking about our kids, bible studies, photography and blogs!

jeanette was one of the first people who got me into blogging and i still remember chatting with her about what to name my blog a year and a half ago! ps--i CANNOT believe we didn’t get a picture of us last night, hello we even had a camera with us!

i came away with some much needed girl time, some great photography tips and a new way to write my blog posts using windows live writer (this post is the test drive, but i hear it is SO much easier to write your posts and the download was free!). thanks jeanette for hanging out with me!


Jeanette said...

Had a GREAT time! Love you! Seriously, how did we NOT get a photo of us, I mean I got about 20 of the 2 empty chairs across from us! Oh well, definitely next time! By the way, we eat the costco chicken about once a week and I put it in so many different meals. Yum-O!