Sunday, January 24, 2010

one of THOSE days.....

my weekend started off just fab. friday morning as we were rushing to get out the door to MOPS (and running SERIOUSLY late since everyone including the dogs woke up at some point in the middle of the night all at DIFFERENT times mind you) my dog throws up all over the bathroom floor. luckily it was easy to clean and no big deal.

then one of my best friends calls and asks me to be in her exciting and of course i have to stay on the phone for a little bit to get all the details!!!!

just as i get out of the shower, i hear the fed ex guy knock on the door with some important packages for my mother in law that i may need to sign i answer the door in my bathrobe???? seriosuly, what do you all do? luckily i think my crazy dogs scared him away and he left the packages and was in his truck down the street by the time i had my robe on.

as i'm attempting to put some make up on, my dog throws up AGAIN, this time on the bathroom rug. ugh!!!! it's 9:15 at this point, still no make up and wet hair to dry and MOPS starts at 9:30. AND sick dog is downstairs whining to go outside to probably puke again.

at that point, i voted and won and we stayed in pjs all day and didn't go ANYWHERE. i used to be SO good at getting to places on time but now, whether i have 30 minutes or 3 hours i still can't seem to get it together!

please tell me you all have days like this!

thankfully, bailey (said dog) seems to be doing better. i was worried because she is getting older and one of her former "roommates" who was younger than her just had to be put to sleep last week.

it will be a VERY sad day for us when that time comes. bailey is the epitomy of "man's best friend". she is VERY protective and i have no doubt that this dog would do anything for our family. she can be quite neurotic at times and she's not good with strangers, but she is a great dog and is so loved by all of us!

this weekend we have had "grandmama" in town visiting us, unfortunately she has to work on a big project the rest of her time here. we took advantage of the nice weather yesterday and thank goodness because today was just BLAH!

this little guy is sitting up like a champs these days and is still making me think he's going to start crawling in the very near future YIKES.

and to finish off with something cute parker did yesterday--parker likes to "push the button" and get brandon to lift his legs so he can walk under them. well yesterday, that was a little hard to do because brandon had connor in his lap so when parker went to "push the button", b told him that it was broken. parker goes running off to get his tool kit to "fix" it HA!

here's parker "fixing" daddy's leg :-) he is at a really fun age--i love his imagination and the things he comes up with!

ok, i'm off to plan the menu for the week....pending any major issues tonight, it should be posted tomorrow!