Monday, January 18, 2010

meal plan monday

here's what we are going to ATTEMPT to eat this week HA! you'll see that a few things are from last week :-) BUT the beauty of a flexible plan is that i am at least already prepared with ingredients for those meals!

monday--we ended up ordering in since my parents are still here

tuesday--spaghetti and meatballs

wednesday--chicken stir fry

thursday--leftovers (i'm meeting up with girlfriends at pf changs!)

friday--burritos with slow cooked pork tenderloin (these are SO GOOD)

breakfasts for the week--yogurt and granola, cheerios, peanut butter toast and oatmeal

lunches--same old faves....PBJ, organic spaghetti o's, smoothies and cheese and crackers

special treat--chocolate chip scones...i'm going to try out this recipe HERE.

i'm also going to attempt to serve more veggies and fruit for snacks this week....i never do a good job of this during the winter!

and a question for all of you ever make meals and freeze them? if so, what are some good recipes that freeze well????



Jeanette said...

Can't wait until Thursday!

I normally don't make meals and freeze them. I've tried doing that before but I can always tell they have been frozen and just don't taste the same (with the exception of seems to freeze and thaw well).

Aimee Freeman said...

I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Lemonade Award on my blog. You can check it out at:

Congrats & enjoy! Your blog is awesome!