Sunday, January 17, 2010

date night and teddy bear

guess who came to town?

yay for free babysitters.....i mean grandparents!!! so hubs and i got to go on a date night to see the blind side. i loved it! and i stayed awake--one of the main reasons i have not been to a movie theater in two years HA!

this could be another reason :-)

this little guy has been sitting up longer and longer on his own. i mean we MAY be up to 10 seconds! he's also starting to look a LOT like his big brother. b and i were going through old pictures and while the are some noticeable differences, parker and connor do look a lot like brothers which i love!

and this little teddy bear:

she will take ANY attention she can get these days. this is mollie, my 45 pound lap dog. i never had a dog growing up and always wanted one that was like a big stuffed animal that could sleep with me. well that came true just about 3 years ago when mollie joined our family. until the munchkins came along, she used to snuggle right up next to me each night. now she just attempts to get in my lap any chance she can!

hope you are having a great weekend!