Friday, January 15, 2010

show us your life--diets, exercise programs and ideas

today is show us your life friday (SUYL) which i will be participating in every friday with kelly.

currently i'm not really on any sort of exercising program except chasing two little boys HA! but as you may or may not have read from my 2010 goals post, i want to get back into a routine. for me, i LOVE routine. i find both comfort and confidence when i have a schedule and can stick to it. it's hard though to find that when your day is constantly dictated by everyone else's schedules, and then of course someone's sick or teething so that just REALLY throws us off!

but this week i have started back and i'm loving it. the other day i went to the gym and just ran/walked for 20 minutes on the treadmill. and just doing that little bit, i felt SO MUCH better and energized.

so my biggest tip is to just start with small goals and get comfortable with those before increasing them. for me, if i start out too big, i find myself giving up because it's A LOT harder to find 60 minutes of time than it is to find 20 minutes.

the other thing that helped me was investing in a double jogging stroller. this way i'm getting the kids outside AND even if i just walk, pushing 100 pounds burns A LOT of calories! has great free tools as well!

good luck!



Jeanette said...

Good for you Erin! I decided last night that I so desperately need to just move this body of mine...feeling very old lately! ;)
I think I'm gonna start doing the FIRM again when SB is napping. It's really one of the only programs that worked well for me so I thought I'd give it another shot. Boy is it hard getting back into that routine! But I know the benefits far outweigh the dread of starting.