Wednesday, December 30, 2009

why do i always feel behind???

ok, so i don't know if it's just me and my OCD tendencies and the super high unrealistic expectations i put on myself, but why do i always feel like i am behind??? more importantly, why can't i just accept this is how things are, i will never be totally "caught up" EVER and just enjoy the process and purpose in what i do. i try to remind myself of this especially when doing those mundane tasks that are written on my to do list in permanent marker.
WARNING: this post is going to be all over the place since that's basically how i am these days!!!

i digress and probably not the first time during this anyways, while i'd love to be able to blog EVERY single day, i need to be content with the fact that i'm even blogging at all. i just hope you continue to stick with me even though i haven't been posting as much as i would like........

which brings me to my 2010 goal planning as i've got specific goals for my blog. i have SO MANY ideas, projects and exciting things floating through my head right now that it just completely overwhelms me!!! maybe that's why i feel so anxious these days and am not sleeping well. and until i write them down, i will continue to feel this way. SO tomorrow, hubs is taking a day off from work and giving me an hour to run to starbucks SANS KIDS and work on my goals. i always love to do this, especially since i have an obsession with creating lists and organization!

and another warning, i'm trying to finish this post up as connor is crying in the background, so be prepared for more disorganized thougths from yours truly :-)

some pics i owe you of my parents and the kids from christmas....

my dad and brandon and the boys

my dad and connor

my mom making egg-free cookies with parker

parker eating the raw cookie dough...totally safe when they're egg free!!!!

it's always so helpful having family in town and i always get to tackle so many big projects with their help. last week i was able to get shelves put up in my laundry room, get my 3rd floor "junk" closet fairly cleaned out and organized, move my design "studio" and reorganize everything, clean out my side of the master bathroom (i got rid of an ENTIRE trash bag full of stuff!), put ceiling fans/lights on the 3rd floor and started organzing the closet in my upstairs guest room. not to mention that my parents vacuumend my entire house (including both staircases--a HUGE bonus!) and helped with laundry. thanks mom and dad--you're the best!

i feel like we accomplished SO MUCH, so i want to know, why do i still feel so far behind?????