Thursday, December 31, 2009

quick, easy and ORGANIC!

ever since i had my first son, i've attempted to "go organic" and avoid harsh toxins and chemicals as much as possible. it totally overwhelms me at times BUT i would say i'm about 60-70% green and it's a continual process. i especially became interested in going green since parker was diagnosed with an egg allergy. there are theories that food allergies are on the rise because of all the toxins, hormones, chemicals and pesticides in our world today. that's a VERY quick summary, but if you want to learn more, i encourage you to check out my good friend kristin's blog . she has a WEALTH of information on this stuff and there's just so much to learn.

anyways, being a super busy food allergy mom, i always find it challenging to make healthy quick meals for our family especially ones that don't contain egg until TODAY when i found THIS:

and this was just one of MANY at my super target where i do most of my shopping! i could be wrong, but i believe their whole line does not contain any egg which is just fabulous for me and our family!!!! so for lunch we heated two of these guys up and they were DELICIOUS. yes it's frozen food and fresh would be most ideal, but it is WAY better than my previous choices of quick food.

here's to a great healthy start for new years! tomorrow i'm hoping to have my 2010 goals posted for you all!