Saturday, December 26, 2009


merry christmas! we've had a busy few days, but i wanted to get these up!

first, here is our christmas card for this year. if you did not get a card from us this year, I AM SO SORRY! i grossly underestimated how many cards i would need by like 50!!!!! plus, i was SO late in getting these out, grrrr. so please accept my apology and i will do better next year!

i had a little fun with my baby that LOVES to get his picture taken in this adorable knit stocking hat i found at janie and jack. WARNING lots of pics!!!! plus i learned some new techniques on photoshop :-)

this probably my FAVE, i love his expression!

of course i had to try it out in b&w too

christmas eve at church outfits....unfortunately no good pics of parker :-(

attempt at family pic outside church

we had so much fun playing santa this year, leaving out cookies and carrots and a note! santa brought LOTS of gifts as you can see!

parker on christmas morning. bless his little heart, he got NO sleep and wasn't feeling so hot. (more about this later)

the boys in their christmas outfits i made them....parker's has a "p" on it--wish i could have gotten a better pic

connor loved the wrapping paper!

gifts from grandmama and gramps

not too bad for a first christmas!

parker got LOTS of thomas stuff....he LOVES thomas the train

the aftermath...........

me and my boyS....if you look closely you'll see nugget #1 :-)

look how THRILLED he looks in this pic HA!

so as you can see, we had a great christmas morning.....and then parker's fever spiked pretty high so we got to see exactly WHO works on christmas day. bless the staff at the ER for being there. parker had some sort of virus, possibly the flu so we didn't want to take any chance. he's been on tamiflu as a preventative and is doing great now so i'm glad we went. now we're hoping connor doesn't get it.

my parents came to town to spend christmas with us....i definitely have pics of them, but they must be on my other camera. i'll have to post those tomorrow as everyone is waiting for me to start a movie! hope you all had a great christmas and i'll post more tomorrow!