Sunday, December 20, 2009

christmas decor and giveaway!

so i've been holding off on a mini tour of my house and decorations mainly because i just managed to get everything finalized friday night. why???? because we hosted the easystreet realty charlotte division's christmas party. i knew with a deadline in place, i'd have to have everything finished by then. so alas, a mini tour of our house, don't get too excited, there's so much more i want to do, but little by little right?

christmas tree in the family room.....

the mantle~the stockings got moved to a new location this year

they're in our kitchen on the railing

ribbon in kitchen displaying our christmas cards (good idea B!)

the brown and blue tree in the formal living room

i have wreaths on the door to the garage and door to the pantry

the best decoration of all, santa parker!

my turn to be santa

me and my sweet parker

so as i typed this, i just realized that i'm NOT done with decorating. i've still got my pink tree to finish (this is in my "design" room where i create all of my stuff for sassycakes, and i neglected to take a pic of the front of my house!

now onto the good stuff......a GIVEAWAY! yes, i will be doing a giveaway in several weeks and if you're anything like me and like cute stuff, then you don't want to miss it! i'm giving you plenty of heads up time, so be sure to check in regularly. ALSO, you will need to become a FOLLOWER of my blog if you want to be eligible to win. i have been getting regular traffic daily, so i know you are out there--there's no way they all the "hits" are from me HA! so reminder BECOME A FOLLOWER. the more followers i have, the better the giveaways will be!



Brandon said...

Do I have a shot at the giveaway???