Thursday, December 17, 2009

all about parker at 31 months :-)

parker you are a BLAST to be around these days! sometimes you make us laugh so hard at the things you do and say! you of course think the world revolves around you like every two year old is supposed to and your emotions can change in a split second when you start to feel like it's not "all about you". nonetheless, we are loving every minute with you and are thankful for the parenting challenges at times simply because there are so many BIGGER challenges we could be facing!

some things about you this past month:

you still LOVE school and i love to see how excited you are to see me when i pic you up. this month you talked a lot about baby jesus and it was so sweet!

you also have REALLY gotten into singing--your current favorite it jingle bells! you love the part that shouts "hey!". you also like to do the motions to "The Wheels on the Bus" and sing E-I-E-I-O to "The Cow Song". I think I may have said that last month, but you're still loving it!

you had a blast going to cut down our christmas tree and also watching "The Polar Express" and eating ice cream.

you've gotten really good at counting (you've gone up to 17!) and you've started singing your ABCs although you get kind of shy about it.

when we were visiting grandmommy and grandpa over thanksgiving, you did several really funny things. the first, you pretended like you were on the phone and were talking VERY animated and loudly into the phone--you were very passionate about what you were saying. then we asked who you were talking to and you said santa claus HA!!!! i guess you were making sure he got your christmas list right HA! it was so funny! you also started saying (not singing) in a very funny monster-like voice "happy birthday (pause) to you!". not sure where you picked that up from, but it's funny nonetheless!

you love finding "Thomas" the elf every morning and love to play the game of finding him. every morning you say "c'mon mommy (or daddy)" and we have to follow you while you say "elf, where are dju (you)?" (even if you've already found him!) and then you go "oh dere dju are" (Oh there you are) and we have to play along!

another game you do with me every night is you get in your lion towel and growl and come and grab my leg. i then pretend i am scared of you until you throw your towel off and i "see" that you are parker and not the scary lion. you love this!

here are some cute pics of you from today:

i love you my sweet little boy and i love how you still let me hold you at times and still make me feel needed!