Thursday, December 10, 2009

tis the season to be busy!!!

unfortunately i've just got time for a quick post....things are just crazy right now! i'm busy working on orders for sassy cakes, trying to get my website up and functional, taxes for the business, baking cookies for the MOPS cookie exchange AND for parker's school party, decorating the house, getting things ready for brandon's office party (we are hosting), still need to do christmas shopping, christmas parties to attend to, oh yeah and keep up with two active boys! while i enjoy doing all these things, i try and stop and remember the REAL reason WHY christmas even exists and thank God for all of the blessings he gives me daily AND for his ultimate sacrifice of Jesus. without Jesus there would be no meaning to life, plain and simple.

here are a few pics from the last few days.....actually there are A LOT of pics....just a warning!

parker and i had hot chocolate....he kept saying "parker's coppee" since it was in a coffee mug :-)

parker constantly carries around this thomas toy these days and says "poopy in potty thomas open it" exactly like that. i love the way they phrase their sentences at this age! oh and in case you are wondering, he's been carrying this around for about a month now--that's how GREAT potty training is going for us!

i like to call this P90Parker :-)

i love connor's eyes in this pic!

to help avoid any more casualties, i got parker this little tree with some little ornaments, his favorites are baby jesus and the star (which he puts on top)

thomas our elf has been visiting us since December 1st. parker loves to find thomas the elf each morning!

ornaments i made for MOPS friends.....

parker was being super cute

finally got the blue and brown tree up! just need some more blue ornaments and a star!

happy baby!

seriously this child is almost always smiling! AND he LOVES smiling for the camera.....this "momarazzi" loves it!

family time