Friday, December 11, 2009

cookie exchange and neat idea

so yesterday was a busy "martha" day as i call it. at mommy and me group we made these awesome coasters....

yes, i repeat i MADE these!!! i heart these coasters so much because they were so much fun to make and easy. if i can do these, ANYONE can make these. basically we got tiles from home depot and used rubber stamps for the designs. i haven't sealed mine yet, but you can get a sealant from home depot in the paint section. what do you think?

i was also up late make a bazillion shortbread cookies for the MOPS cookie exchange today. this was my first cookie exchange....well it was SUPPOSED to be anyway.  have you seen this sweet little boy????

apparently someone stole him last night around 2am and replaced him with a very upset set crying, all out screaming two year old. yes my friends, my sweet little parker threw an hour long temper tantrum at 2 in the morning. can i tell you how tired i am today??? seeing that none of us got any real sleep last night, i thought it was only fair to the poor MOPS nursery workers that we stay home.....we may never be allowed back.

SO, the bazillion shortbread cookies i made with 4 sticks of butter, yep i said FOUR, are sitting on my counter taunting me. that combined with the lack of time or energy to workout these days is NOT GOOD.

aren't they super-cute....i made them with my new mini cookie cutters. so my friends, my first cookie exchange was a complete BUST. oh well, at least my sweet little boy seems to be back and right now he's taking a GREAT nap!

stay tuned for connor's 5 month post..........