Friday, December 11, 2009

connor is 5 months!

my baby boy you are 5 months today! you have to stop growing up and stay this little forever, ok? i am so loving you at this stage and i wish i could stop time. you still are as sweet as can be and SO HAPPY. seriously, you smile all the time (except when i put you down for your nap of course which you still protest EVERY TIME). you love to watch everything going on around you so you rarely sleep when we are out and about these days. too much you could miss out on! lucky for me, you tend to go with the flow! you LOVE to watch your big brother play, and he still loves to take care of you. for some reason you think it's funny to watch him walk up the stairs and you giggle all the time when we follow behind him. the other night you totally wore yourself out in your bouncy seat (the one that hangs from the door frame). we were all eating dinner and you were as content as could be and we quickly realized why! you had passed out--bless your little heart! i wish i could have snagged of pic of this because it was just way too cute!

here's what you've been up to this month:

~you have successfully learned to put the paci in your mouth. you still suck your thumb, but you are learning more and more to like the paci.

~you practice blowing bubbles ALL THE TIME, it's really funny! you do this when you wake up in the morning!

~you've started humming/talking yourself to sleep....this is of course after you have screamed and protested your nap for a few minutes :-)

~you smile whenever i take your picture--makes it easy for me!!!

~you love to touch my face and put your fingers in my mouth.

~you've started "talking" to your toys.

~ you grab at anything and everything! you always want to talk on my phone!

~you are getting pretty good at rolling over and i imagine you will be all over the place soon.

~you are still in size 2 diapers, but i just bought a pack of size 2-3. and you're just about in 6 month clothing.

here you are my sweet 5 month old! i HEART you so much!!!