Sunday, December 6, 2009

ornaments and tree #1

today both boys are still sick so we watched church from home to avoid spreading any germs. afterwards, we began decorating our tree in the family room (this is our live tree we just got yesterday). parker enjoyed putting the ornaments on the tree all in the SAME place. we also had several casualties......eyore, a kitty cat and one of those glass bulbs that just doesn't break but shatters into a MILLION pieces. fun times.

but neverthe less, the tree is ALMOST done as we are still needing a star for the top, this has been ongoing for years now since i can't find the PERFECT one. maybe this year will be different or maybe we will be sans star again for another year :-) since i promised pics today, i'm going to share with you our ALMOST done tree:

this was take two with the lights........griswold family christmas tree!

santa parker:

half naked santa parker with beads......

the almost done christmas tree....not as big as last year, but still a beautiful tree!

ok, so i'm in LOVE with these ornaments i made. of course i can't take credit for the idea so if you want to make some yourself, check out kelly's blog for the details! i'm making a bunch for myself and for gifts!

we've still got A LOT of decorating to do. i would have worked on the tree in my formal living room (it's going to be blue and chocolate brown!) but i can't find any of those wire ornament hangers, hence that's my mission for tomorrow and with any luck, you'll get pics of the blue and chocolate tree soon!



Elizabeth said...

you are so creative...beautiful!! we had a few ornament casualties too...lucy mistakenly thought that the 'balls' that go on trees are for playing catch with just like her rubber ball...oops...better hang those higher up from now on : ) would love for you to come over...let me know if you have time next week!