Saturday, December 5, 2009

christmas tree trip to the mountains

wow what a day! last year we started a family tradition of getting a freshly cut christmas tree from the mountains--we got an AMAZING 10 foot tree for $40!!!! so today we continued the tradition and headed up to blowing rock. we got the boys dressed up in one of their christmas outfits.........

how stinkin' cute is he???

parker was a challenge to get photographed this morning :-)

for some reason i can't rotate this one.....but it's cute so i have to add it!

we hit up cracker barrell for a yummy breakfast.....

of course i was a nervous wreck about breakfast. with parker being allergic to eggs and being a toddler who won't sit still, going out to breakfast is hard and requires a lot of planning BUT we did it and parker did great!

next we hit up starbucks and got some drinks for the road--i didn't get a pick sorry! it rained most of the way up, but once we hit blowing rock is was SNOWING!!!!!! we went to High Country Nursery to get our tree--any tree for $45 and they are SO NICE. how beautiful is this????

it was cold and windy but i'll take that for the snow! parker got to check out the cows...

family pic sans connor (too cold for him to be out of the car), i look weird because i had my arm stretched to take the pic!

the boys and i stayed in the car while brandon braved the snow and wind to find the perfect tree. unfortunately they didn't have any 10 foot trees left, but brandon did find a great tree for us!

after we got our tree loaded up on the acadia, we headed to mellow mushroom for pizza! LOVE that they have egg-free pizza YAY!

connor is SUCH a happy baby!

again parker was a challenge to photograph but we manage to sneak this in!

with full bellies, we headed home. the snow stopped and the sun came out! we saw some AMAZING views, unfortunately this pic doesn't do it any justice, but the sky was BEAUTIFUL.

we had planned on watching polar express to end the day, but we are all exhausted so we'll save that for tomorrow. brandon made some delicious chili for dinner and i vote we make that a tradition too!

do you have any traditions you do with your family?????

we plan on decorating the tree tomorrow so stay tuned for pics!