Friday, October 23, 2009


today was such a blah day, especially for a friday. i'm feeling all out of sorts and just blah. i can't really explain it, maybe i'm just tired. i don't know. it definitely didn't help that i was up half the night because connor's been sick with a cold and just couldn't sleep (of course parker actually slept great and got up at 6:30!!!). poor little guy. when i changed his diaper this morning, he had this odd sort of peach colored "stuff" in his wet diaper that looked a little suspect. he had had it yesterday morning too. SO with the combination of a cold and a mysterious liquid in the diaper, i thought it warranted a trip to the doctor's office. glad i went as it turns out the peach stuff is nothing to worry about BUT connor does have his first ear infection. so off to tar-jay pharmacy we went and then i attempted to make myself feel better by suggesting five guys for dinner.

i love this new water paint book i got parker the other has kept him entertained a lot today!

so serious and careful.....

and look at this sweet little face. you'd have no idea he was sick.......