Thursday, October 22, 2009

morning ritual

just like parker's got his morning ritual these days of waking up at 4:55am (although today it was 4:45 BUT he did go back to sleep until 6 which i will TAKE!)

 i've got my morning ritual:

i have got to have my morning coffee or else it's just not pretty..........the sad thing is it's only decaf these days because of nursing BUT i'm still addicted. and for a little fun i've recently added an extra 20 calories to the mix with a little whipped cream on top. YUM! question :: does anyone know why the pumpkin spice creamer doesn't hit the shelves until november? ummmm hello halloween :: pumpkin :: pumpkin spice creamer. sounds like i need to contact their marketing department. and while i'm on the topic why is it that international delight creamer does not make my coffee creamy? they've got such great flavors and every 6 months or so i decide to give them another chance but i'm always disappointed. what's the deal???



Jeanette said...

Erin...I've had the International Delights Pumkin Spice Creamer in my fridge for over a month now. Jeff got me 4 bottles as soon as we got home from China (middle of Sept.) Not sure why your store doesn't carry them. Did you check Harris Teeter or Target? Good luck! I can't live w/o my coffee (w/caffine)and Pumkin spice creamer! Love you friend and miss you bunches!