Saturday, October 24, 2009

starbucks, home depot and pedicures

we have been livin' it up today! we started our morning with a starbucks run and the hit up the depot to get some new filters and other small home improvement items and the best part of the day so far (besides having brandon home on a saturday) is THIS:

these bad boys haven't been touched professionally in a LONG time. i love getting pedicures but never take or make the time to get them plus i'm cheap. but i had a gift certificate brandon gave me from valentines day so it was nice to get out and have an hour for myself. i had the hardest time picking out a color...i wanted something fall, but i'm so out of touch with what's "in" these days. i know that black is in, (or was recently in and maybe now out???) but with my iridescent coloring, i don't think i could pull it off. but then i started wondering if nail polish comes in chocolate brown? i LOVE chocolate going to look for this the next time i hit up tar-jay.

right now both kiddos are sleeping (YAY!) and b is attempting to put up blinds in our master bath. after the kids wake up we're going to hit the streets and take these two crazy dogs out for a walk:

bailey (who i fondly refer to as "old crochety" as she's getting in her prime) is our weimaraner and mollie is our labradoodle you can see in the background. these two definitely don't get as much attention as they used to........and i'm excited tonight because my good friend beth is home (she works for the nationals and travels with them all season) and she's coming to visit!



Jeanette said...

LOVE the nail color!!!