Friday, July 3, 2009

two weeks

so it's two weeks left until show time. of course i'm hoping it's not really two weeks and of course given my history (parker was 12 days late), it could be longer. BUT past performance does not predict future results as my mutual funds state. in the meantime, i'm enjoying some down time and trying to keep myself busy. i have several more accessories to paint/purchase for the nursery and of course i'm entertaining myself with sewing projects. now that i no longer have a 6th toe (the dreaded pin) i'm cleared to go to the pool starting sunday YAY! my plan is to spend every morning next week basking in the sun and enjoying some mommy bonding time with parker at the pool. i'm also getting the itch to start working JUST A LITTLE BIT soon. i'm the kind of person that doesn't know what to do with myself if i don't have some goals set in place. now that i've passed my real estate exam and technically i'm the VP of the Jackson Real Estate Group, i'm going to start helping brandon with his business. SO stay tuned as one of my marketing objectives for the company is to start a real estate blog with tips and useful information for clients and future clients. AND of course if you know of anyone looking to buy or sell a home call me! we are going to have another mouth to feed very soon :-)