Sunday, July 5, 2009

fun on the 4th!

we had a blast this 4th of july. we started our day with the parade in baxter and parker loved collecting all of the candy they were throwing. thankfully he doesn't realize exactly what candy is yet--soooooo helpful with all of the food allergies issues! we did give him a lollipop which he kept saying "hmmm I like it!" over and over again!

then we headed to the pool for the first time this season since i finally had the "all clear" from my orthopedic surgeon to get my foot wet. parker was a bit scared of the water at first, but after about 3o minutes he became obsessed with the frog slide. brandon's job was to keep up with him the whole time since i couldn't really walk around yet without my beloved boot. after pool time, we all headed home to relax and rest up since we were invited to enjoy BBQ with friends of ours later in the afternoon. it's so nice having good friends that have young kids for parker to play with!

we were hoping to take parker to see the fireworks this year and that had been the plan all along until we realized they didn't start until 9:45. they shoot fireworks over the lake near our neighborhood, so we have an awesome spot BUT by the time 7:30 rolled around (parker's normal bedtime) we realized that keeping him up for another 2and half hours just until the fireworks even started was going to be a challenge and we would most likely end up paying for it the next day. SO, that being said, no fireworks this year :-( maybe next year i won't be 9 months pregnant and will be up for the challenge!

here are some pics from the day--i attempted to shoot 100% manual which was a great learning experience but as you will see it took a while for me to get the settings just right!

at the parade.........

with mommy--it is SO HARD to get him to take a pic with me these days!

bbq at our friends, kate's saying grace:

at the pool, seriously could NOT get him to sit still for this one!

with daddy at the pool