Friday, May 22, 2009

parker speak

i thought it would be fun to share a few of parker's favorite phrases right now. there are plenty more as he's talking in sentences more and more these days, but here are the few i can actually think of right this second as i publish this post:

"i do it" (he is obsessed with this one and must try and do everything by himself first)

"Mom!" (it's no longer Mommy--he sounds so much older when he does this)

"bye....wuv you" (always makes my heart melt!)

"yah!" (he says this even when he means "no")

"pack pack" (backpack)

"down" (he says this when he wants me to pick him up which is ALL THE TIME these days--he does correct himself and say up as he knows the difference)

"my turn"

"i sorry"

"whoa" (that's how he says "hello" and continues to jabber while pretending to have a conversation on the phone)

and our favorite, which started yesterday, is calling us by our first names :-)