Tuesday, May 26, 2009

top 10 tuesday

i've never done this before, but i thought it might be something fun to blog about each week. here's this tuesday's top 10 random stuff:

1) we had a crazy busy memorial day weekend this year and are still recuperating. we had A LOT of family in town for parker's 2nd birthday party. the party was a huge success despite the rain and a lot of people were able to come! stay tuned for a separate blog for the details and pics!

2) i'm happy to say we were able to make parker an egg free birthday cake this year--yay! it actually tasted really good too!

3) i'm officially signed up to take my real estate exam june 16th. YIKES!

4) i'm also officially in full nesting mode--T minus 7.5 weeks. DOUBLE YIKES!

5) if this rainy weather would ever leave charlotte, i'm looking forward to hittin' up the pool this weekend.

6) and if i can get a break from studying and nesting, i've got some new, super cute sewing projects i'm anxious to get started on!

7) B and I have finished week 2 of P90X, granted we've been doing it for 3 weeks now, but due to the stomach bug, we had a little hiatus in between weeks.

8) potty training is still a work in progress, with very little progress :-(

9) i'm looking forward to date night this week to celebrate my birthday since B and I were so sick on my actualy birthday. 3 weeks later, i think we can handle some mexican food!

10) in preparation for parker's birthday party, brandon and i successfully completed our landscaping project, which included a french drain (sounds impressive right?) and re-sodding a chunk of our backyard. unfortunately it rained, so we didn't even use it for the party, but at least it's another big item i can cross off of my "before baby#2 comes" list.