Wednesday, May 13, 2009


i just celebrated my second mother's day and i am so beyond thankful to be a mom. being a mom has been the most rewarding yet challenging job i have had. i always knew i wanted to be a mom with lots of kids, but i really had no idea as to the emotional impact it would have on my life, not to mention how it would change my relationship with God. now i can truly understand God's love for me and the sacrifice He made for us.

as i celebrated mother's day this week, i was also reminded of how blessed i am to have my son Parker and to be expecting another one very soon, you see many of my friends right now are going through fertility challenges, medical issues with their children and the loss of a young child. so while there are moments (sometimes days!)where i'm challenged to the point of physical and emotional exhaustion thanks to my strong-willed and very bright child (and i know you fellow moms know exactly what i'm talking about!), i have been trying to be grateful for these moments and cherish them with all my heart. oh how i am learning to welcome these precious times and actually smile when it's the 3rd time my child has had an accident in one day! i think about how some of my friends would give anything to have these moments with their children again.