Thursday, April 29, 2010

the wait

this week is national infertility week. i have prayed for many friends who have dealt with infertility issues. who have waited and waited and waited to become pregnant and also those who have lost a child.

there is a special place tucked away in my heart for people dealing with infertility because i was one of them not too long ago.

i got pregnant right away, first try with parker my firstborn. with connor, it just didn't happen that all. after 8 months of trying, i miscarried. i was devasted. i remember driving to the doctors office thinking this just can't be happening. this was an extremely difficult time in my life. the emotional rollercoaster of infertility will make any woman just about lose her sanity. the constant cycle of hope, waiting, not knowing, anticipation, devastation, depression and hope again is exhausting. and then to finally get pregnant and lose a child is downright heart wretching.

but there is hope! meet connor:

my sweet sweet connor was conceived just two months after my miscarriage! when i thought i would never have another child, here is my sweet baby boy sleeping at a healthy 9 months!

losing a child still hurts, but there is hope. i love what kelly wrote on her blog today. if you are in a similar situation, or in "the wait", you need to read her is SO encouraging! i hope my story encourages you. i have numerous friends who have struggled with fertility and ALL of them now are either pregnant or have children. the wait is SO tough but SO worth it.

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