Friday, April 23, 2010

connor’s first haircut!

this little guy was in some serious need of a haircut…….

boys and neighbors_4804_edited-1 and this mommy just wasn’t ready for his FIRST haircut. clearly we were WAY past due. in fact we should have cut it before we left the hospital! my kids have both come out with long hair, but just a few strands of it! and i’ve never know what to do with it, as you can see below :)

Family_4308_edited-1boys and neighbors_4788_edited-1

but since we’ve got our professional family pictures scheduled for tomorrow, it was time…….and i love it!

parker connor-216

unfortunately this not-so supermom photographer totally FORGOT her camera and was left to the not-so great quality of iphone pics :( i can’t wait for our family pics tomorrow….my new friend is doing them for us and she is awesome!

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