Monday, April 5, 2010

Hilton Head Trip Part I

So I fell in love last week…..with Hilton Head! This was my first time there and I loved it! I love that it was family friendly, you could ride bikes everywhere, so many good restaurants to choose from and just enough commercialized so that I could go on a Target run 10 minutes away if I got desperate!

I loved where we stayed because it wasn’t very commercialized, yet we could ride bikes a few blocks and be at either the beach or our latest fave Rita’s!

Of course I took A LOT (and by a lot I mean like 1200!) of pictures, so here are some from the first batch :)

layout Hilton_Head_3943_edited-1 Hilton_Head_3945_edited-1

The boys loved riding in the bike cart!

Hilton_Head_3952_edited-1 Hilton_Head_3958_edited-1 Hilton_Head_3968_edited-1

SO excited to be on the beach!


Potty Trained!!!!!!

Hilton_Head_4021_edited-1Hilton_Head_4032_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4039_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4050_edited-1

Me and my best friend!

Hilton_Head_4054_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4069_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4073_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4079_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4090_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4097_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4102_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4115_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4127_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4131_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4136_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4172_edited-1 Hilton_Head_4180_edited-1

I’m SO ready to go back!!!!

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