Thursday, April 15, 2010

have you missed me?

dear friends…..stalkers :) oh how i have missed you! i have been one crazy momma from playdates, to church life group picnics, MOPS, mommy and me, in-loves visiting, photographing numerous gorgeous families, internet issues, preparing for my moms photography class……….friends, it has been hectic and it’s not slowing down for a few weeks. life is happening and i need to find time/make time to document it!

i’m not complaining, i’m just feeling guilty….and missing you. missing my journaling of my life, as i know it. it’s just all happening way too fast, which may be why i am obsessed with capturing every single moment in a photograph. to attempt to hold on to those moments forever……….

i know i have neglected my blog, and i’m sorry. i’m hoping….praying that i will find a new balance shortly. you all are important to me, and this blog is important to me. please check back soon, my plan is to post regularly once again, once i can reclaim a little bit of sanity :)

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