Sunday, March 14, 2010

I’m Back……


I am back! Thank you so much for your patience these past few weeks. Between all of us getting really bad colds and my unexpected oral surgery, I’m getting back to a sense of “normalcy”.

My surgery was intense and extremely painful BUT I am thankful that the recovery is happening much faster than the expected 2-3 weeks.

A bunch of incredibly sweet friends got me these gorgeous flowers and another friend brought me some magazines! I have the best friends!


I’m still in the process of getting my life back together, luckily my parents came to town to help out with (spoil) the boys and cleaning my house—thanks Mom and Dad!

Parker and Connor got a lot of attention this weekend. Daddy took Parker to the indoor pool and he had a blast—his nap lasted over 4 hours that day!


I’m so excited that the weather is getting warmer here and I LOVE daylight savings and being able to go on family walks after dinner! IMG_1654_0272_edited-1 

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my photography blog and enter to win the camera strap cover giveaway. Also, if you are in the Charlotte area and are interested in a Mom’s Photography Class (tuition is $50) or Family Photo Session, you can find details there too. Right now I have a special if you book a session date with me before March 30th.


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