Friday, February 26, 2010

Food Allergy Appointment


Today Parker went for his scheduled food allergy appointment. For those of you new here, he’s allergic to eggs. And while it is pretty unlikely that he would have outgrown his allergy at just shy of age 3, I was still hopeful.

Well, like we pretty much knew, his test results showed that Parker is still allergic to egg whites and yolks. And unfortunately, his allergy is much more severe than we originally thought.

We’ve always carried an Epi-Pen, there’s not really such a thing as a “mild” food allergy. Any child with any level of food allergy could have a severe life-threatening reaction at any time and should always have an Epi-Pen on hand.

So I will still make cupcakes for every birthday party Parker goes to, still prepare meals and snacks whenever we go on playdates, still remind the nursery staff workers every Sunday not to give any unapproved food to Parker, still plan ahead and bring food when we RARELY eat out at restaurants and the hardest of all, still have to explain to Parker why he can’t eat what the other kids are eating and see that sad look on his face.

But it is OK. I have an otherwise very HEALTHY child and for that I feel incredibly blessed! Thank you Lord!

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